Feed your skin the good stuff!

Organically indulgent. Delightfully moisturizing. Rich with tantalizing tangerine. Heavenly coffee. Luscious lavender. Sinful chocolate. Our body scrubs are so clean, natural and wholesome that you could practically eat them. (Some people have been tempted!

The Verve girl is organically-aware, label conscious and self-indulgent (what girl isn't, right?) To that end, we don't use parabens, sodium laurel sulfates or any chemical preservatives. (This is the story of why). There are no added colors or dyes used for ascetics. Just all-natural sea salts for exfoliation and pulling out toxins; sugars to soften and keep moisture in; oils to energize or relax; plus detoxifying coffee grounds and delicious cocoa butter. They buff off layers of dull, dry skin leaving skin soft, renewed and glowing. And because they moisturize your skin while it's still wet and warm, there's no need for lotion afterwards.

Verve Organics scrubs are all-natural, all-organic, all the time. Feed your skin!

Check out The Shop, take in the scents, find your favorite – then get your Verve on!